Thailand 1989 – Koh Nan Yuan

Note to myself:

„Explore more, be adventurous, don’t be afraid to fail, do what you love, be open-minded, care, love yourself, do things you thought you couldn’t do.“

Only a few weeks left until I will be exploring new parts of the world.
Only a few weeks left until I will feed my soul with experiences and memories I will never forget.
Can’t wait anymore, I’m so excited and also afraid that something will go wrong.
Hopefully, I will enjoy solo travelling. Hopefully, everything’s gonna be alright.
My glas is half full, not half empty. I’m optimistic.

I would like to thank my Mum, she always loved travelling and inspired me very much.
In a few weeks, I will strike a similar path like she did many years ago.
The pictures I’m sharing with you today, show the incredibly beautiful island Koh Nan Yuan near Koh Tao in Thailand. I hope you like these vintage photographs, they are the last ones from her Thailand trips.


Have a lovely week,



One night in Bangkok, or three weeks in Thailand

Thailand. Islands, elephants, jungle, beaches, friendly people, Bangkok.
These are the first few words which come to my mind when I’m thinking about Thailand.
Lucky me, I am going to Thailand for three weeks in November.
We recently planned our trip which I will be sharing with you today.

After we will have arrived in BKK, we would like to take the night train and the ferry to Koh Samui, in order to go diving in Koh Tao and to join the full moon party on Koh Phangan, which will be on 3 November 2017.
I know this is very touristy and stereotypical but I guess if you have the chance to go, you will regret it if you don’t.

Palm Trees, Koh Samui ’89
Koh Samui ’89
Koh Samui ’89

You may have noticed that these pictures look a little bit vintage and they are!
My mum used to travel a lot when she was younger and she also visited Thailand and Malaysia.
She took these pictures in 1989, using a slide film. I was very impressed when she talked about her travel experience and I decided to digitise her photographs.
I hope you enjoy looking at these pretty and old pictures!

Koh Phangan ’89
Koh Phangan ’89

If we still have time, we will take the bus to Krabi and Koh Phi Phi, but we decided that we want to be very spontaneous.

Northern Thailand
Elephants, Northern Thailand

After we will have discovered some of the paradisiac islands we will probably fly to Chiang Mai, in order to travel back to Bangkok.
Hopefully, we will have the chance to visit the Elephant Jungle Sanctuary in Chiang Mai.
I am still not quite sure, if the elephants are treated appropriately. I will have to read a little bit more about this place, since I do not want to promote animal cruelty.

Young Woman, Northern Thailand
Northern Thailand
Chiang Mai
Chiang Mai

Last but not least, we will be exploring Bangkok for a couple of days and celebrate my nineteenth birthday there. We thought that it might be less stressful to visit Bangkok at the end of our trip. We will see what happens and I am really excited!

I know that this post does not offer much travel relevant information but I thought you might enjoy these old photos. I am so curious in which way these places have changed the last 28 years.

Have a wonderful weekend!
Love, Sophie

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Cherry Blossom – and a little chat about Japan

It is finally spring in Germany and I am enjoying the fresh air, the singing of the birds and especially – the CHERRY BLOSSOMS! To my mind, these blossoms are the prettiest in spring time!

Today, I would like to show you my recent photographs of my beloved cherry blossoms.
Additionally, since they always remind me of Japan, I thought I could talk a little bit about the country and why I would really appreciate going there one day!


Last summer, I was a participant in the „International Leadership Academy“ in Fort Worth, Texas.
“ILA“ is a program where students from eight cities in the world meet in Texas, in order to discuss a specific topic and meet other people.


My roommate was a girl from Nagaoka and she came to Fort Worth with a group of other Japanese people. Honestly, I have never meet so many nice people before in my life! The Japanese are so kind, hospitable and courteous! We talked a lot about our countries, which is why I am taking a trip to Japan in a couple of years into consideration.


I would love to visit Tokyo and Kyoto, although I think it may be a little bit stressful, since these cities have so many inhabitants.


Nevertheless, visiting the food markets, buying little souvenirs, trying Japanese food and talking to locals (not in Japanese unfortunately) are things you should definitely not miss when travelling to Japan!


Here are some of the main “bullet points“ on my Japan to-do list:

• Visiting Fushimi-ku in Kyoto, which is one of eleven wards, where you will also find the famous Fushimi Inari Shrine

• Walking through the Arashiyama Bamboo Grove, seeing the green bamboo stalks which reframe the alley

Exploring Tokyo, Japan’s capital

Watching a Kabuki Performance, which is a classical Japanese musical-drama with marvellous costumes, dance and music

Trying to see Geishas

Seeing Mount Fuji, the famous volcano

Mt Fuji
Mount Fuji, credits to

I hope you liked this post and especially the photographs. By the way, I am still not completely sure how I want to continue this blog. I like to write my blogpost in english, since I am battling the constant fear of unlearning how to write in english.
However, it takes a lot of time to translate the posts into German and I am often only doing it the day after I have already published the blogpost.
Additionally, you may have noticed that I changed my blog layout again, which is why I am not quite sure which design perfectly suits my „work“.

Have a great week!