I love (Banana-)Pai, Thailand

*Bad Joke Alert*

One of our favourite places in Thailand was definitely Pai. We only spent two nights in this wonderful small city but going there was definitely worth it! You can easily book a small bus to Pai, it takes approximately 4 hours to get there and you will experience the beauty of northern Thailand.

There is a big sign on the road that says „Welcome to Strawberry Pai!“, but since we had the best bananas in our lives in Pai, I named this post I love (Banana-)Pai 😄.
Every time we are now having a banana we are always like „Oh this one is not as good as the one we had in Pai!“

However, we spent a wonderful day in Pai, rented scooters and explored the area.
Some things you must not miss out are the Bamboo Bridges through the rice fields, the Pai Canyon and the Land Split. I cannot really say why I enjoyed my time in Pai that much, but I guess it was the atmosphere, the fresh air, the landscape and of course, our hostel. We stayed in the Suandoi Hostel and it was one of our favourite hostels we had during our travels. The people were so nice and they had beautiful bungalows and a restaurant with affordable Thai meals.
Additionally, it was the first time that we were actually freezing, since we only had 15 degrees at night.

You should not miss out the Land Split, in 2008 due to an earthquake and flooding, the land of a farmer cracked. He now serves tourists with his rosella juice, fruits and especially bananas, all grown on his own land and he consequently created a tourist attraction. Everything is for free, you just donate some money and that is how he finances his land and life.

Pai was simply a magical experience and I am quite sad that we only spent two nights there, I think I could live there for month and would still love it!


The Rice Fields and the Bamboo Bridges


The Land Split


The City


Thanks for reading, have a wonderful week!

xx, Sophie


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14 Antworten auf „I love (Banana-)Pai, Thailand

  1. Hey Sophie,
    es freut mich noch immer so wundervolle Reisebilder und Beiträge von dir lesen zu können, auch wenn du schon zurück bist! Hoffentlich bleibt das noch lange so 😀
    Von Pai habe ich vorher noch nichts gehört, aber wenn ich jetzt lese, wie sehr zu schwärmst und die Fotos sehe, werde ich dort auf jeden Fall mit meiner Freundin hinfahren, wenn wir durch Thailand reisen!
    Schon alleine der Bananen wegen 😀 Ich liiieeebe Bananen einfach total 🙂
    Auch euer Hostel werde ich mir gleich mal aufschreiben, damit wir dann auch dort hingehen, wenn es euch so gefallen hat!

    Was ich noch fragen wollte: Wie machst du deinen Pinterest Pin? Die Schrift sieht mega schön aus! 🙂

    Liebe Grüße ❤

    Gefällt 2 Personen

    1. Das freut mich sehr :)! Habe noch viel in meinem Repertoire :D!
      Ja also Pai ist wirklich schön :)! Was Hostels angeht, kann ich dir sicherlich bei dem ein oder anderen Ort sagen wohin man gehen kann, oder viel eher von welchen Hostels man sich fern halten sollte 😄

      Zu den Schriften, ich habe mir welche bei dafont.de heruntergeladen 🙂 Die, die ich für meinen Blog benutze heißt Jennifer Lynne und ich habe sie sicherheitshalber auch in meinem Impressum erwähnt 🙂
      Liebe Grüße ♥️

      Gefällt 1 Person

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