Self-Discovery or Self-REdiscovery – Nusa Lembongan

Many people go traveling in order to find themselves and to achieve happiness.
Through all these different influences, cultural experiences, inspirations and new ways of living, people do change during their travels.

Some people hope that they may find out what kind of job they want to do because after graduation they had no idea,
others hope that they can break bad habits and start something completely new,
some try new things and find new passions.

What if I tell you that in thirteen weeks of traveling, I have experienced „self-rediscovery“ rather than self-discovery?
Actually, I cannot completely explain this but I just feel more like myself.
When I left my town I thought that I would leave many things behind. Former hobbies, my old mind-set, stress and insecurity. And yes, I feel that through traveling I became more stress-resistant and I gained self-confidence. I learned a lot about myself and I know what I am capable of and what I should not do, or either what I do not need.

I rediscovered myself because I found hope that I can actually keep doing certain things and that I can trust myself.
For example, when I left I thought I would also leave my passion for dance behind. I assumed that I have to move on, try something new – I thought I was not good enough at ballet and dance in general and that even if I put a lot of effort into it, I would get nothing in return.
I was wrong. For thirteen years, dance has always played a big role in my life.
How could I expect my body to give up this passion that has always fulfilled me, a passion that guided me through good and bad times?
I cannot just let go of it and I do not have to. I love ballet and I cannot wait to start dancing again when I am back in Germany.

Additionally, I realized that I do not have to search for escape because there is nothing to escape from.
I love my family and I love my friends, which is most important because these people will always give their best to help and protect you.

I learned to love „home“ but I also appreciate being elsewhere, or even far away from home. As I already stated in my birthday blogpost, it will not matter where you are as long as there are your people surrounding you and you are able to do the things you love.
Of course, memories are often linked to certain places and situations, but maybe we must have to take a step forward and create new ones.

Sorry for this labyrinth of thoughts, which might cause some confusion, but I just had to put some thoughts on paper.
However, I hope you enjoy these pictures of Nusa Lembongan (click here to read my last post about this small island)!

Nusa Lembongan-1Nusa Lembongan-2Nusa Lembongan-3Nusa Lembongan-4Nusa Lembongan-5Nusa Lembongan-6Nusa Lembongan-7Nusa Lembongan-8Nusa Lembongan-9Nusa Lembongan-10Nusa Lembongan-11Nusa Lembongan-12

Have a good week!

xx, Sophie

Chickens in plastic bags and pseudo Tsunamis – Nusa Lembongan, Indonesia

After it took us two hours to pack our backpacks, we finally left our beloved Surf Camp in Seminyak and went to the port in Sanur where we planned to take a boat to the small island Nusa Lembongan, next to Bali.
Well, since nobody could really tell us when the slow boats usually leave, we decided to take a speed boat and payed 200K Rupiah plus 25K Rupiah for our luggage. It turned out that the guy who grabbed our backpacks just took advantage of us – THERE IS NO LUGGAGE FEE.

Additionally, we found out that there is a Slow boat from Sanur to Nusa Lembongan departing every morning at 10:30am for only 100K RP!!
Just in case you are planning to go to Lembongan one day.
In order to get on the boat we had to walk through the water and climb on the small speed boat. The boat itself was quite crowded and there were only two seats in the front left. We sat down and after a while we wondered why the bag next to the captain moved and made strange noises. Turned out it was a chicken in a plastic bag. Not a big deal in Indonesia.

Poor chicken in a plastic bag


While wondering if chickens can get sea sick, I enjoyed the 30 minute ride through the crystal clear water. The water became more and more turquoise until we finally arrived in paradise.


The Taxi

When we arrived at the small port a Taxi driver convinced us that our hostel was quite far from the port and we payed 100K to get there. Hm, after a five minute drive to the other side of the island, we realised that that they screwed us AGAIN. 😁

IMG_0583< img src=“; class=“alignnone wp-image-4057 size-full“ height=“4032″ alt=“IMG_0586″ width=“3024″><<<<<
stel was okay, it was a bit smelly, guess they had a problem with their drainpipes…<<<<<
er, we spent the afternoon walking around and exploring the island by foot.<<<<<
a ten minute walk from our hostel we reached a big bay and could not believe our eyes – the water was gone.<<<<<
onest, my first thought was "Damn, water always pulls back to the ocean when a tsunami is coming." but it was just low-tide. Anyway, it looked really cool, there were small boats stuck in the sand and kids playing in the middle of the bay.<<<<<
lunch in a Warung and payed 50K for Nasi Goreng Vegetable, which is quite expensive for such a small island. We expected the food to be way cheaper than in Bali, but the prices were mostly the same, due to the tourism.






lt; img src="; class="alignnone wp-image-4060 size-full" height="4032" alt="IMG_0599" width="3024"><<<<<
we found a very small lonely beach (thanks to where we took some pictures.<<<<<
ition, I had to noticed again that Indonesia definitely has a waste problem, there is trash everywhere. Plastic bottles laying around between gigantic Banana trees and trash piles next to beautiful, lonely beaches.<<<<<
ng through paradise, breathing the fresh salty air, laying down under palm trees next to trash piles, it breaks my heart.

IMG_0607< img src=“; class=“alignnone size-full wp-image-4062″ height=“3024″ alt=“IMG_0608″ width=“4032″><<<<<
xt morning we woke up at 8am and walked to another beach,<<<<<
d "Dream beach".<<<<<
each belongs to a hotel where you can pay 50K and use their showers and the infinity pool.<<<<<
rrent was really strong, the water turquoise and crystal clear, and nobody was there. At 11am we decided to walk back, since it got a little bit more crowded.<<<<<
get me wrong, we're talking ten people at the beach, which is almost nothing.


Dream beach






n our way back we found a PADI diving centre and booked a snorkeling trip for the next day.<<<<<
embongan is very popular for its Manta Rays in the north of the island, but the conditions in the north of the island were not good for snorkeling so we had to pick another stop, which was in front of Nusa Penida.<<<<<
many corals and fishes, it was pretty cool but not as good as scuba diving of course.

IMG_0615< img src=“; class=“alignnone wp-image-4066 size-full“ height=“3024″ alt=“IMG_0620″ width=“4032″><<<<<
nt two days and three nights on this island and really enjoyed the silence and the lonely beaches.<<<<<
last day we had dinner at Dream beach and watched the sunset.<<<<<
er, we missed Bali and especially our Surf Camp a lot, so we decided to spend our last five days in Indonesia with Kima Surf.

IMG_0643< img src=“; class=“alignnone wp-image-4069 size-full“ height=“3024″ alt=“IMG_0645″ width=“4032″><<<<<
xt morning we took a speed boat around 8am back to Sanur, Bali.<<<<<
ime we negotiated with the guy at the ticket counter and only payed 150K each.<<<<<
us, our camp picked us up in Sanur and we arrived early at the camp and enjoyed our beloved camp breakfast.

IMG_0653< img src=“; class=“alignnone size-full wp-image-4071″ height=“4032″ alt=“IMG_0656″ width=“3024″><<<<<
embongan is a nice island, perfect for diving, snorkeling and renting a scooter.<<<<<
xt time when I go to Bali I will definitely visit the Gili Islands which are supposed to be magically beautiful.<<<<<
theless, I can highly recommend visiting Nusa Lembongan and Penida, since these islands are not that popular and they appear to be like Bali fifty years ago.

IMG_0663< img src=“; class=“alignnone size-full wp-image-4073″ height=“4032″ alt=“IMG_0667″ width=“3024″><<<<<
you for reading my little Nusa Lembongan travel diary, these pictures were all taken with my phone by the way 🙂

Have a good week!<<<<<